Dante-spada Valentine of Malboro

Hey folks. I'm Dante Valentine of Malboro on the Crystal DC of FFXIV. I'm a bi-sexual Au Ra who prefers the wilder side of things. I'm a bartender at multiple clubs and auction houses. I'm always looking for a fun time.

About Dante

Dante is a very passionate Au Ra when it comes to bartending. Based off Dante from DMC, they have gone through several race changes between a Raen Au Ra, a Rava Viera, and a Xaela Au Ra (Was a female Raen Au Ra too start and a male Elezen as well). Settling as a Xaela Au Ra, they are planning to stay that way. Depending on the night, you can find them at either the French Authority or Devil's Dwelling bartending or acting casino dealer.

Dante is one of those Au Ra that takes shit from no one, can be very, very lazy, and can get very serious when it comes to threats against his family and friends. Don't piss them off or you will regret it.

They do have a darker side though. As an Assassin of the Black-Shroud they will stand with their brothers and sisters in arms to defend the innocent, protect their fellows, and destroy those who wish the world harm.

Their in-game family is made up of a variety of races, but she is very close to most of them. They are:
Yato Sakana, Malboro: In-game Fiancee
Trish Tsukikage, Malboro: Sister (Mom when RPing as Eve)
Sinfull Blackheart, Zalera: Potential brother in law through Trish
Sariah Le-Raine, Malboro: Sister
Frost Loverfalls, Malboro: Niece through Sin and Trish

Contact Dante

Contact Dante on Discord at: Dante/Seph#2433
On Twitter at:
Via Email at:
[email protected]

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